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LTD “Smolensk Confects” is a company that is engaged in the revival of forgotten recipes and technologies of making natural products without any additives.

The history of sweets dates back to the first half of the 18th century, when Peter I was the king of all Russia, and then the emperor. After all, it was he who instilled in the Smolensk love of gardening. Once he ordered to bring all kinds of fruits to his table. Then the townspeople themselves got a taste. Near the Kopytinsky Gate, behind the fortress wall, exhibitions of the Smolensk branch of the Gardening Society often began to be arranged. The city guests, as souvenirs, took away branded sets of candied fruits in wooden boxes - "Smolensk confection".

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In 2018, a team of Smolensk enthusiasts managed to find in the archive the recipe for Smolensk Confects - ancient, once world -known delicacies from Smolensk region and to revive their production.
“Smolensk Confects” are sugar filled fruits which are cooked according to the recipe of the XVIIIth century. Even two hundred years ago, every traveler, wishing to leave a good memory of Smolensk, took this delicacy with him. The product is a novelty in the market of healthy and wholesome nutrition.
It successfully combines exquisite taste and therapeutic properties. Fresh fruitswithout chemical additives are used to make this treat. “Smolensk Confects” are made in a small private confectionery workshop in the city of Smolensk. Today, a small but a very well-coordinated team, in which everyone is a professional in his work, is working on the revival of this old delicacy.

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